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  1. That's exactly what did it. None of the other options even mattered (VSS, custom). This sole thing is covering the issue. What an odd bug.
  2. It's literally just saying that defragmentation is complete, instantly. Occasionally, it will defragment one file or two, then complete. I've turned off the benchmark after defragmenting, as it was throwing me off. This has been happening for weeks. Affects all drives. I've run in Safe Mode with the same result. I've also had it disable VSS and used the custom fragmentation settings to no avail. Checked the drvies, there are no errors. I just ran it without moving the large files to end of drive, and it seemed to run fine. I aborted it early, because those large files, especially on this drive, are perfectly safe to be at the end of the drive, and I'd rather them there. When using the option to move them to the end of the drive, I have toggled the option for "do not apply minimum file size to custom file/folders on and off, no real change. Though, after running it with "move large files to end of drive" OFF, aborting, then running with it back on, it seems to actually defrag a little longer. Maybe 5-10 files. I've reinstalled the program as well. Here's a video of what it's doing the majority of the time: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B94pEGpRnGSpcDFBWFhuTGc3aFE/view?usp=sharing
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