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  1. Hi... New to the site of course... Quick questions (I hope but don't hold your breath) Switches - Are there and can there be switches (standalone cmd-line) for the CCleaner application? Reason... I have written a .bat file that includes the following: 1. Cookies - CC does it 2. Temp Files 3. Registry (HKEY-LM,CU) Only 4. Restore Point Deletion to save space 5. Check Disk (Read Only in GUI and sets the bit for a Full clean) 6. Optimize Layout.ini files (Bootvis) 7. Temporary Internet files 8. Compress Old files 9. Defrag your Hard Drive. The application does a good bit of the items above but not all. With cmd-line interpreters I can finish and include items necessary for my bat file. All selfishness aside, the cmd-line information can be helpful to those who just want to claim a portion of you application.... CCLeaner - /REG for registry clean only, /HD for HD, /D (location of file or files to delete), /S (location of file or files to save), /DD /DS (respectful of the delete or save but directory specific), etc.... ActiveX - In the application there is a Cookies saver/manager that you can choose to save, or not, with. Can an option list to choose ActiveX components be added? Ok... That's it.. Thanks for the App. It's a Killer and (freaks like me) use it daily... Later... Fengzi
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