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  1. Hi, today when I turned on my computer I noticed three new folders had appeared with lots of other folders inside. Inside each of the folders there are hundreds of 1KB files. Can someone please tell me what they are for and if they can be safely deleted? C:\3590F75ABA9E485486C100C1A9D4FF06ZZZZZZ....Z....Z I will attach a screen snapshot of the folders inside the above folder. Thanks
  2. Hi, I just joined the Members Forum about 5 minutes ago. I have a registered version of CCleaner Professional which I have been using for the last couple of months. I could be classed as a 'Newbie' with computers too. Anyway, before joining the forum, I had read several comments in the forum regarding the Drive and Free Space Wiper which has resulted in a couple of questions that I would like answered please. 1) Why doesn't CCleaner automatically wipe the free space when a computer has been idle for at least an hour? Most people sleep for 5 to 8 hours each night, so why doesn't CCleaner wipe the free space automatically during these periods? 2) I am currently doing my first wipe of free space on my drive. When it was at 1% it said it had 34 minutes of time remaining. Now it is at 10% and has changed to 7 hours and 52 minutes remaining. When I download a movie off the internet, it tells me how long it will take before I start the process. Why can't CCleaner tell me at the start how long it will take to do the job? 3) Now supposing every night, I do one wipe of the hard drive on the free space setting. Will this process get quicker each night that I do it. For an example, at 10% now, I have 7 hours and 52 minutes remaining. So in 40 days time, will the 10% be down to say an hour? Thank you CriminalRecord
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