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  1. I want to keep my passwords and those sites that Chrome suggests on the screen when I create a new tab. What settings should I use.
  2. Windows 8.1, 4 HDDs, Speccy 1.28.709 (64-bit). My boot drive (SATA), a Samsung SSD 840 Pro shows a Power On Count (POC) of 409 times and a Power On Time (POT) of 298.3 days. I have a USB enclosure with a WDC WD30 EFRX-68AX9N0 showing the same POC/POT (409/298.3), and another USB drive (Hitachi HUA723020ALA641) with the same POC/POT. I put a different Hitachi (same model) in the enclosure and got the same results. Both of the Hitachi drives are supposed to be new, but they didn't come in "new" wrappings so I wanted to see how many hours of use they had on them. I find it extremely unlikely that 3 of the 4 drives in my computer have exactly the same Power on Count and Time. I don't always use the USB enclosure, and the Hitachi's are "new." It appears that the Speccy software is not reporting the actual data correctly. Am I wrong? Thanks.
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