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  1. yes sorry I changed the name of exe file from ccleaner by adding a random latter. After that the program has opened. I used it to clean the registry where I found huge mess. Now ccleaner opens even with the old (default) exe name. Summing up. I have had a mess in my registry which blocked ccleaner to open properly.;
  2. yes i am able to install it. I dont see something like debugger system process but i found keys in registry that looked like something which blocks ccleaner regedit etc. I deleted it and disabled nod but ccleaner stiil does not open on double click I used to be a proggrammer so that case with debuger system process is not closed but i just cant find that process, maybe its name is translated to my language but still cant find it
  3. Eset nod 32, also i have just downloaded anti malware from malwarebytes.
  4. Hello, i can not open the newest ccleaner on my pc. its windows 8.1 . Even portable version does not start on double click. I have tried to open it as admin too
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