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  1. Hi, Looking for any advice or help please!! Usual story of went on holiday and my SD cards broke and now I have lost all my data. However, when using the SD cards with my camera I was able to playback all photos and it wasn't until after charging my camera that when I turned the camera on again it stated 'Card format' and gave the choices to format card or turn off the camera. I of course turned it off not wanting to wipe the card thinking that the SD card may still have the pictures on. When I got home and tried the SD card in my Laptop, the laptop recognises that something has been put into the SD slot making a docking noise but does not come up with my SD card as being registered as being in the laptop/on my computer. So my difficulty is, if purchasing a recovery data programme will I be able to recover my data if the SD card is not even recognised on the laptop? And if not, what should I do to try and recover the data? Any help would be grately appreciated! Thanks
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