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  1. I went now under Internet Options (cuz I have Internet Explorer usually disabled on my system) and cleanead everything that could be cleaned, rebooted; but it is still recreating that data files when I start a program that uses Java. Its kinda weird :s
  2. General Info: Windows 7 x64 Ccleaner v.4.16.4763 + Custom Winapp2.ini (from Alan_B ´s batch file) Had Java installed but uninstalled it later. If I try now installing it again it crashes with Errorcode 1603 in the install process. Advanced Ccleaner Options are all unhooked. My Problem: Some time ago I used the software "Moo0 Anti-Recovery", after I uninstalled it its still remaining in the index.dat file I believe: (at least there is nothing else in the folder where Ccleaner says it should have been) -mootools-core-1.4.2[1].js -mootools-more-[1].js -mootools-core-
  3. Just go to the folder options, make the system protected data and invisible data visible there (unhook them) then go to C:/Recycle Bin folder and there left click on the Recycle bin file inside - click Propertys and look how big it is. Usually its one file with a size of 4kb. If it is bigger than that but you cant see the data inside then you can just delete the Recycle bin inside the Recyclebin folder and if he asks if u want this and that deleted click on yes. After u deleted the recyclebin it should be recovered pretty fast and this time it should be really empty.
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