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  1. Hello eveybody, I can confirm that CCleaner 5.23 & 5.24 does not work properly with IE 11 on WIN 7 x64 : 1) you have to close IE 11 (but for me that's a minor problem) 2) it takes a very long time to clean (very frustrating) 3) 5.23 & 5.24 treats & attacks AppData>Local>Microsoft>Windows>WebCache in a very bad manner (5.24 even destroys it, so you have to create new cookies for your beloved & trusted websites), it even creates critical eventlogs in the Windows event log viewer 4) 5.24 also treats IE history -files in such a bad manner that it also creates a critical eventlog To Tom from Piriform (Admin) : it makes no use and definitely no solution to keep referring to Microsoft : everybody (I work in the IT-department of a major bank in Belgium) knows that Edge & Windows 10 is something completely different than the combination IE 11 & Windows 7 x 64 (apart from commercial reasons, there is a development-reason that Microsoft does not disclose Edge for Win7 !!) If CCl 5.22 works great with Win7 & IE 11, please make the necessary steps to your developpers that 5.23 & 5.24 keeps on doing so, even if it takes a separate version for Win7. I also downgraded and fall back to the great CCleaner 5.22 while waiting for a proper solution. Thanks from a CCleaner-addict
  2. Hello dear Piriform, yesterday I did a clean uninstall of the late Adobe Reader XI.0.10 & a clean install of the new Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on my Windows 7 x64 desktop. After the installation of the new program , I ran the registry cleaner function of CCleaner and it found more than 10 positives related to the new Adobe reader. When you repair these items, and you try to start the Reader DC afterwards , it always begins to re-install. So it is obvious that CCleaner cleans up the registry too much when it comes to this new Adobe program. I wish to inform you that ; 1) the new DC-program isn't recognized by CCleaner : it does NOT appear in the list of programs that your registry cleaner controls, maybe that's the reason it cleans up too much 2) the late Reader XI.0.10 was well recognized by your CCleaner, and it never gave any false positives, cq. the re-install-trouble never occurred. (I never had to use the exclude function regarding Adobe Reader) For now I returned to Adobe Reader XI, because also in the new DC-program itself there was a bug, I reported to Adobe today. Thanks & hoping you can fix this matter. Rik (Belgium)
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