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  1. I came here to comment on this very topic too, my first time to notice that the complete cleaning feature was not checked for the free version. The second comment here explains it, sigh of relief. Funny, I pressed the "Like this" button on your comment, then get the pop up informing me that I've reached my quota of likes for the day. There's a limit on how many likes you can give?
  2. Wasn't sure where to make this comment, but had to say I really appreciate that Piriform has brought back the outer frame format, looks better.
  3. I came here and signed up specifically to comment on this topic - I am sticking with CCleaner version 4.19.4867 as it is the last version with which I can have my preference for the previous, more solid and appealing look. I wonder if Piriform could have the option to have this skin with the latest version. Thank you.
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