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  1. OCCT, does load testing, error checking, and also combined load (gpu/cpu). i feel that if your pc handles a couple of hours of OCCT, it will survive anything you can throw at it (apart from physical objects)
  2. Hi there, I have found some "errors" on the graphics tab. (and nowhere else, custom voltage settings get detected perfectly and stuff, so great job!) About my setup: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit i have 2 sapphire HD 7870's, one is the ghz edition, running stock at 1000/1200mhz one is the oc edition, running stock at 1050/1250mhz. Here is what happens for me; for both cards the performance levels get detected as 1000mhz/1200mhz. HOWEVER!! the actual GPU clock's (1000/1050) and memory bandwidth is correct, 153,6GB/s for the ghz edition, and 160GB/s for the oc edition. Speccy does se
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