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  1. here are my specs: manufacturer: HP model: compaq presario f700 processor: AMD turion 64x2 Memory: 2.0gb 32 bit x86
  2. i use AVG on pc but on tablet i use CM security. wondering this, can i use cm security for pc? i only see its for phones/tablets.
  3. im just getting started using FF. recently dug up old pc in storage..upgraded everything. FF is alright. the pc version certainly has a bit more features than the one i have on tablet.
  4. just overhauled 7 year old pc to 2015 standards. got CC but do i need this program?
  5. Been using it since 2008. really does a great job cleaning up files. but between 2009 up until last month my pc was mothballed due to unforseen circumstances..just yesterday i reactivated pc, upgraded whole system, upgraded CC. still amazing program. thx CC
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