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  1. Thanks for posting this Vineydhiman.
  2. Thank you, APMicahel, for responding. However, I am a novice and the two suggestions you provided are above my computer skills.
  3. I have the CCleaner Professional version and just started using Brave as my default browser. It appears the CCleaner does not work with Brave. Is there anything I can do to utilize the CCleaner? I Piriform working on including Brave?
  4. Sorry it took so long to respond. Apparently the problem was with the Window update. After having lost the ability to connect to my router, I had to uninstall and reinstall the update. Defraggler is working OK now. Thank you for looking into the matter.
  5. I ran Defraggler after installing the new Window 10 Anniversary Update. It stalled at 85% completion and after 1 1/2 hours at this point I stopped it and re-analyzed and restarted the Defragging. This time, it got hung up at 72% and shows the fragmentation to be worse than in the original scan. It appears that the Professional Defraggler needs to be tweaked to be compatible with this latest Window 10 update.
  6. Thank you for the reinstallation instructions, Nergal.
  7. Painfully slow is an understatement. After 4 1/2 hrs, it is only 5% done and the total fragments have started to increase during the last hour. I am using Windows 10. Normally my computer would have defragged in at most 4 hours. This last update is not working! How can I uninstall and get back to the prior version of Defraggler?
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