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  1. Is it possible to switch to CCleaner 4.x look? I am VERY UNHAPPY with this new w8-like design! I am sticking with 4.19...!
  2. How to replicate the "stop" bug: 1.) Use my inifile as bellow. If your windows location differs, edit it. Check out the settings. 2.) Make enought room at the end of drive. Folder selected to move to end of drive is huge. 3.) Hit Defragment. Outside the defragmentation, it should move all in "\Windows\winsxs\" to end of disk. But! DF stops after few minutes and folder remains moved only partially. 4.) Hit Defragment again. DF moves next few files and then - in few seconds - ends. 5.) If you repeat this from morning to dusk, maybe - just maybe - you finally get moved all the con
  3. Hi! I waited for this option for looooong time. It finally appears, but must be huge improved: - When I want to move huge folder and all its contents to end of drive, Defraggler moves it about a minute or so, and then it stops. Requested folder remains far from complete! If I hit "Defragment" button again, situation is repeating - about max. few minutes moving, then two-times mouse cursor switch to "busy", and imediatelly after it - work is over. - Need to manually move SELECTED folders/files to end of disk. Now, if I want only move something to the end of drive, I must specif
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