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  1. I picked up a high end gaming rig this year i7 on the new Asus Sabertooth 97 motherboard with a couple ssd and 16 gb of ram and a video card that I paid way to much for. I started out with Windows 8 but went back to 7 and i was told windows 8 was faster in gaming but I couldn't see any difference at all. I think when you have a hi end rig there is no difference.
  2. Just the fact you no longer have to deal with updates or downloading new versions or even running the program is good enough for me plus i'v had it sense it first came out for free so it was time to pay so maybe other can still get it for free...
  3. Just the fact that Ccleaner updates automatically and cleans each time you shut your browser is worth the cost and support is just a bonus.
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