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  1. I have a lab of about 25 computers on which we installed CCleaner. The lab is part of a church school program for younger children ranging in age from 5- 10 years old. Due to costs we are using the free version. Due to the account restrictions (Active directory) on the lab users (we don't want children changing important system and program options), the option to skip the user account control dialog cannot be enabled. We have the cleaner set to run at start up and as a result CCleaner displays the user account control dialog when the lab user logs in. We have logged in as the administrator on each PC and enabled the skip user account control option there, and then enabled and saved the settings to the ccleaner.ini file. When we log back in as the lab user, the skip user account control option is still unchecked and hence prompts children with the user account control when they start and login to the workstation. We have also tried setting up a CCleaner install on another computer with another user and no account restrictions (with the same version of CCleaner), and saving the options we want to the INI file. We copied that to the lab computers as instructed on this site, and yet the user account control remains unchecked for lab users, but enabled for administrators. So that begs the question. Where else is this option being stored besides the INI file? Clearly the option in the INI file is being overridden by an entry else where. How can we set up the lab users with the skip user account control option enabled? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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