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  1. Same prob. Both my Malwarebytes & Kaspersky are up to date. I woulda thought Piriform would try to fix this, or at least address the issue.
  2. OK, this is a "workaround." I don't like workarounds . I like "fixed." Will this happen again with the next update?
  3. The CCleaner Pro 5.15 update didn't work on my Win7 Home Premium computer. CC would start, sit there for 4 or 5 seconds, then shut down. I tried uninstalling, re-downloading & installing, same results. I tried uninstalling, re-booting, reinstalling & rebooting, same results. I found the old version, reinstalled it, & it worked once, then it shut down the same way. After about 3 weeks, someone on another forum suggested I try the portable version. I used it, unzipped it, copied it to the folder, & it worked.
  4. The only way to know if/when something is added to the Applications Cleaner is to manually scroll down & look for items that are unchecked. It would be nice for CCleaner to inform us when something's added, notfor us to spend time scrolling all the way down. This is on a computer, & that's what a computer is for, to manipulate information! P.S. Been using CCleaner for years, & luv it!
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