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  1. This is a little old, but saurabhdua, I want to re-enforce the "rightness" of your "natural" inclination to want to CLEAN UP the mess Redmond has been creating for LOW these last nearly 40 years. I'm not questioning the advice here to be circumspect with delving in where you're not sure what the consequence will be. HOWEVER, faith placed in MS is not well placed. I started working for NASA/JSC (Enterprise IT/AT) the same year I built my first PC--1979! An OS--be it Windows or VMC is SUPPOSED to run the APS you find useful NOT impose itself as your major time-sink hole in life. Microsoft has NEVER understood that simple Computer 101 factoid--and I don't expect they ever will now---as they're losing their ability to direct the Personal Computer/Smart Phone Conspicuous Consumption cycle. Bill Gates was always about marketing--never technology. If it's any consolation: If the PC arena was simply a repeat of the US Automobile Business Model from the 50's, 60's and 70's, Smartphones take the whole absurdity of Madison Avenue driven "desire" for new shiny's to levels not even the PC world ever arrived at.
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