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  1. You are right! NOW - after downloading the new version with the same version-number - all this icons looks fine, even with 125% font size. Thank you for this incredibly fast fix!
  2. The newest available version v5.05.5176 (23 Apr 2015) lists - Improved DPI awareness and high DPI support. ... - Minor GUI improvements As you can see in the printscreen, the High DPI support is a little bit better (no more pixelated icons), but the icons are now splitted in two halfs and different icon parts. Could you please improve it again for screens with high DPI? Thank you!
  3. Are you talking about this report from December 2014: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=42253&page=4&do=findComment&comment=257006
  4. On my screen, I have to adjust the font size to 132% (problem with my eyes...) Unfortunately, your CCleaner Icons looks incredibly pixelated and ugly. Could you please adjust the icons in a way that they looks as nice as in the version 4? Example:
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