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    It seems to be the same minor problem. Also, I tried to edit my post no.5 by adding a sentence, with reference to Andavari's earlier post, but the edit did not work and the sentence did not appear. Can anyone fix this glitch?
  2. North

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    A couple of times when I tried to sign out, recently, I was given the following "the link you followed to sign out appears to be badly formed". The last couple of times I tried to sign out this did not appear.
  3. North

    Sign Out.

    IE11. This only began today!
  4. North

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    Not of tremendous importance, but I can't seem to sign out of the forum. It appears as if I have signed out but when I return I find I am still signed in. I don't suppose it matters!
  5. Thank you for providing the link to item 10!
  6. Does anyone have an opinion on malware removal forums and whether they generally give the same standard of advice? In addition would any Community Forum members care to recommend a forum/fora for the above?
  7. I understand that altho', presumably, the effects are the same. My question was about "webpages and downloads" being slower than usual over a time period close to a couple of weeks. Would not this imply a slow PC?
  8. Thanks for the advice and I will look to see if it gives a list of changes. I have another question! Recently I noticed a small revolving blue circle which often appears next to the cursor. I'm pretty certain this did not appear on my previous computer or, for the first 2 months, with my new PC. Is this of any importance? I would appreciate any further responses, to either of these questions, altho' I believe hazelnuts' comment to be correct. I know this is irrelevant but after I posted I checked and found one can use "hazelnuts' comment or hazelnuts's comment" according to one grammar website!
  9. My desktop PC normally runs relatively slowly as I live in a rural area without the best broadband being available. The PC is almost new and has been running, for several days, quite a bit slower than usual. I have Windows 8.1. I have Avast Free Antivirus and after a scan it tells me my PC is running slowly and to speed thing up :- 7 useless programmes can be deactivated. 12 systems issues can be tweaked. 728 MB can be freed up on my hard drive. I understand Avast is a decent system but does anyone know if I should follow the advice or is it possible I am being given "false positives" if that is the correct expression.
  10. I intend to install a new anti-virus package. I want to choose between Avast Free Anti-Virus, Microsoft Security Essentials or Panda Cloud. Any opinions on this matter?
  11. I hope someone can help on the above question. Basically Ccleaner seems unable to delete files such as 1) IE temporary internet files, 2) Windows MS Search. 3) Applications for McAfee anti virus and sometimes other files altho' often it announces 0 bytes have to be removed and then, after another run, apparently has to delete the same files again. I repeat, is this likely to be simply a glitch on my new computer with Windows 8.1?
  12. I bought a new computer recently with windows 8.1. CCleaner worked perfectly on the older computer with windows XP. On the new computer this a typical example of what usually happens. First after running CCleaner it reads (1)Cleaning complete. 10 MB Removed. Details files removed. then (2) Cleaning complete. Applications for McAfee anti-virus. 1KB 1File. (3) Cleaning complete. 0 bytes removed. (4) Cleaning complete. Details files removed. Windows MS 1KB 1File and this process usually continues. Could this mean CCleaner is still working well, the above is of no importance, and the glitch is in my desktop computer? To cut a long story short CCleaner does not appear to delete all files on the first run.
  13. Where exactly is the CCleaner uninstall area? The MCPR does ask for an email address and password!
  14. I bought a new computer recently with a free trial of Macafee internet security already on the computer. The free trial period has ended and I do not wish to pay for Macafee internet security. I want to use the removal tool but I am not clear about what constitutes my user account email and password which is necessary for the process of removal. For someone with limited knowledge I feel MacAfee help does not explain this clearly. BT is my ISP. So do I use this email and password?
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