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  1. Thanks, yes, I am using the free version to judge whether or not to buy the paid version. Looks like I won't buy it as it doesn't wipe free space at all.
  2. I have dl'd the trial version of CCleaner, version 5.02.5501. I am running WinXP SP3 on a Dell D-630 laptop which uses a Western Digital Scorpio Black WD3200BJKT-00F4T0 320GB 7200 RPM for its boot drive (c:\). I have run the CCleaner wipe free space function four separate times in ascending order of throroughness (simple, advanced, complex and very complex) on this HDD. After doing this, I ran eSupport's Undelete Plus program which goes into your HDD and recovers deleted files, even if they have been removed from XP's Trashcan. Undelete Plus recovered 80,000 graphics files (jpg, gif, tiff) which I copied over to an external HDD. They are perfectly good graphics files which I remember exsiting except that their recovered filenames are now a number, i.e. the original filenames weren't recovered. To my unexpert eye, it appears that CCleaner's wipe free space function doesn't work at all. I'm not inclined to purchase CCleaner at the end of the trial period as a result. Am I missing something?
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