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  1. Good day, Should I switch off antivirus program (Avast) while running defraggler ? Or it is not necessary. Thank You for advice....
  2. Also: Video Board (Graphic Device) temperature Icon missing....NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440
  3. Can it be (I have Microsoft XP) that some sub programs on my pc missed. For instance recently I found out that "Microsoft.net" wasnot installed. Now I have installed this and all the same this icon is not shown. Maybe its necessary to re-install Speccy again with istalled .Net ? or maybe there are some more Microsoft sub-programs to be installed ? Pls Adv... Thank You...
  4. Good afternoon, I give data about my PC from Speccy itself as following: Mother Board: Intel, P4i65G (mPGA478) - here temperature icon shown CPU: Intel Celeron Willamette 0.18um, Socket 478 mPGA - here temp icon is absent If to enter BIOS, CPU and Mother Board temperatures shown there... Thank You
  5. Good afternoon, I set Speccy on my PC. And CPU Temperature Icon is absent... Can it be adjusted ? (As for Rest information including temperature Icons on Mboard - its OK.)
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