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  1. I've installed v5.74.8198 on two different computers today. Both still had the issue of CCleaner still loading in the system tray when the user profile boots up. I've noticed for it to work correctly, you have to uncheck the box "Tell me when there are junk files to clean" and THEN uncheck "Enable Smart Cleaning" and THEN select Yes to disable. If you go the opposite direction, unchecking "Enable Smart Cleaning" first you never get the "Disable Smart Cleaning" popup, you then cannot uncheck "Tell me when..." You have click on a different menu, then click back to the "Smart Cleaning" tab, and then you can uncheck "Tell me when..." BUT, even though both options are unchecked, CCleaner will still load at the next boot because Smart Cleaning is still enabled. So anyway, don't start unchecking with "Enable Smart Cleaning". Once you start with unchecking "Tell me when..." and then unchecking "Enable...", only then you'll get the "Disable Smart Cleaning" Yes/No popup and will then be disabled and won't load with the user profile. EDIT: BTW, my automatic update setting is disabled too.
  2. Oh noooooo. Malwarebytes has jumped on the GUI lemming bandwagon too. Gone are the nice "3D shaded" buttons. Flat is taking over the world.
  3. Yes, the new GUI is rank. Mono colors, tabs blend in with column headers, and just an overall flat look. Once the hype of the Windows 8 look dies down, I'll enjoy a nice 3D interface once again. Maybe in about 8 to 10 years, after the Windows 10 hype too. Who ever figured 'flat is in' should be shot.
  4. I created an account here just to report this bug. Annoyed the crapoutame I had to revert to v4. But hopefully it's fixed, and once a slim version of 5.02 is available I'll test it out myself. The GUI of v5 still annoysthecrapoutame. It now looks like the dying OS which is called Windows 8. All the tabs seem to blend together now, all one white color. Windows 8 GUI is a step backward in the evolution of GUIs. Bland and plain. Why anyone would want their software to look like that is beyond me. Oh well, keep up the good work Piriform.
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