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  1. Hi, I will try that. Damn annoying, I've set-up my old computer in front of my new one - plugs, cables and interconnects - have to rejig them again - and I'm moving in a weeks time. I've got to say, I'm still puzzled on the Ccleaner's lack of operation, and my inability to remove v4.19 from my main computer. Signing off, Sean
  2. Hi, it is a fact. Any suggestions for the most potent antimalware site?
  3. Hi, I understand, but I removed Defraggler and other programs without any difficulty. Why did a virus/malware stop Ccleaner from being uninstalled?
  4. Hi Negral, can you give me some more detail having read my previous posts? Why can't I remove Ccleaner?
  5. Hi login123, I was given a clean bill of health. They tested from their end and everything was fine.
  6. Hi Andavari, I don't understand why Ccleaner is the only program I've lost control of - it doesn't respond and I can't uninstall it. Everything else works, apart from web connectivity.
  7. Hi, login 123, I'm connected via my old computer to the same service provider.
  8. Thanks for the replies, but why can't I remove Ccleaner and why has it not been opening normally? Never had a problem with older versions in the last 7 year. Is it possible there's a bug in v4.19? Why can't I uninstall it?
  9. Windows 8.1, Avast, and nothing beyond that. As I said, I'm unable to connect to the internet on my main computer. I can't remove Ccleaner v4.19 and it hasn't opened (or refused to open) lately.
  10. Hi, I've set up my old computer because I can't gain access to the internet. I noticed Cleaner wasn't opening as usual some 2 weeks ago and thought it was just a minor blip. After 2 hours today, unable to access the internet (the service provider ran diagnostic checks), I attempted to open Ccleaner - no luck, or it opened minutes after I double clicked and refused to work. I decided to remove it (uninstall) - won't budge - 50% into the removal bar it stops - tried it many times and no luck. I've never had a problem with Ccleaner since I started using it many years ago - not one problem.
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