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  1. In the past, CCleaner has always deleted my history and downloads in Chrome (now Version 53.0.2785.143 (64-bit)) on my Mac. Now, even though I have the setting set to do so, it does not delete either. My Chrome preferences are pointing to my downloads directory. Am I doing something incorrectly; prior version always did this.
  2. See message above. After 3 days, I have completed the above 35 passes. Now the program is creating a "secondary temporary file" and starting passes again. What is that all about; I hope not another three days? It doesn't say it is erasing anything. Is it safe to shut down, or do I need to wait for ??? number of these passes? My disk capacity seems to be OK, per my disk utility, although I don't know what the size of the temp files being created are, and if they will deleted automatically when the program stops itself (I hope) or I try to stop and reboot. Is the secondary temp file creation the normal function for the program after the 1st 35 passes? Thanks
  3. I am currently using the erase free space feature on my Mac (os Yosemite.) I am using the 36 pass security feature to make sure some deleted financial logon data is secure. (Probably overkill, but...) I have around 1/2 of 1 terrabyte disk with free space. Any rough idea of how long the process should take; I have 12 gig memory total and about 4-5 free. The other programs, when I am running any, seem to work OK and not significantly slowed down. I am still on my first pass after around 3 hours, but the program seems to be running and not taking a lot of resources according to my activity monitor. I don't mind leaving my Mac running constantly for a few days, if that is what it takes? Do I have to set my sleep setting to "never" or will the program prevent my Mac from sleeping while it is running. The program says that it can't be stopped, but I assume it means that it will leave a file if it is forced shut etc. I have read the message just above this one about a reboot. Thanks; just wanted to make sure that the warning about taking several hours can mean DAYS.
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