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  1. Ok, solved. Thank you for everyone's assistance and advices
  2. This is what I think too. And leads to a much more difficult problem: how, technically, Can I reassure her that the program hasn't touched any files? I'm fairly sure it hasn't but I remember very well CCleanr accessing the H:\ address!
  3. Unfortunately it is very hard to say! Se sais that she stored too many files to check which ones are missing!
  4. Hello, I checked the "wipe free space" option with the NSA 7 passes method. And I had used Regcleaner from the same ccleaner right before using the disk cleaner. I can only suppose I downloaded the program from the piriform site becase I normally don't trust other sources very much . I see now that the optios->settings tab shows me that the program sees the other drive, but I'm sure I never selected the other drives in this section Could you suggest me a good program to restore deleted files, please?
  5. Hello, I have a demo version of ccleaner 3.06.1433 on a win 7 home laptop. Today I happened to use it to clean my laptop's hard drive, but then I started reading that the line of the directory it was working with was not c: but H:\, related to my girlfriend's precious portable drive. She had saved in that drive so many pictures she cannot tell if something is really missing because in her portable drive there were thousands of pictures divided in hundreds of directories, and she is asking me (not quite kindly) if there is a log file or a list of the files available in the program to check what
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