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  1. I tried the contact us web form, but I have not received any replies, as I explained in the form, We are willing to buy, but just trying the program on a couple of machines at the moment, to see how it performs and then will gladly buy the business edition for the support, but as we hit this problem at the moment I dont want to go ahead with the purchase, if this is a limitation to the software
  2. Hi all, I have installed defraggler on a few machines at my work to keep the systems running smoothly. the machines are connected to a domain but defraggler is running on the administrator account overnight - defragging the "C" drive as "normal". We require the machines to be shut down after the defrag has completed, however I am finding that when I come back to the machines in the morning - they are still running, when viewing defraggler it comes up with "System shutting down" dialog box, but it doesn't do anything. I have researched this and found that it may be due to the machines
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