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  1. hi everyone, i just installed CCleaner Pro when i get to the window where the lost filers should be sent i'm stuck. since the files will be large i want to put them on an external hard drive. can someone tell me how to do this, please?
  2. hello everyone, i have a question about "duplicate files" i run a digital auto workstation (DAW) and it's easy to get loads of bits and pieces of music (data) i'm working on. the DAW i use has a tool for removing these things, however, i wonder if it's enough. my biggest concern is somehow adding crap to my hard drive the computer will run slowly. which brings me to the duplicate file tool here on CCleaner. my questions are as follows, 1. why are there duplicates? 2. how do i find the ones i'm supposed to keep? 3. i just ran the duplicate finder and there are thousands of them, is there a filter that i can use to look for anything the computer thinks i don't need? thank you
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