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  1. I've actually done a recent cleaning and even replaced the thermal paste due to these speccy readings. The temperatures actually looked to lower by maybe an average of 3 degrees or so, but I'm not sure if that relates to Speccy being somewhat accurate or randomly pulling up a different reading. It shows a temp for each core that are exaxtly the same as the CPU. (So when the CPU says 95, each core also says 95) The temps for the motherboards and graphics look normal, usually between 10 and 40. Which is why I felt like maybe Speccy wasn't completely wrong but something is messing it up w
  2. I believe its celcius. Speccy gives a red colored reading when its at 95+. Thanks for your help overall.
  3. Just wondering, do systems restart as soon as they reach the max temp, or does it take time? Because I'm willing to do more extensive testing to see if Speccy is maybe off by a certain number of degrees.
  4. But if this was true, wouldn't my system restart due to overheating? This is what I have http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Bulldozer/AMD-A10-Series%20A10-6700%20-%20AD6700OKA44HL.html And it says that my max temp is 71.3. I've tested my system for hours when Speccy claims that its at 95+, and I haven't got any crashes or restarts.
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