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  1. When using Disk Analyzer, to see which types of files are eating the most space, CCleaner is putting several file types into the wrong category. For example .mkv and .3gp files are being placed in the "Other files" category, instead of under "Video". Since video files tend to be very large, this is greatly skewing the percentages. Video files with an .mkv extension are probably the second most common type of video, after .mp4. I also have a fair amount of .uc2 compressed archives, which always end up under "Other files", instead of "Compressed". And, text files are not showing up as "Documents"? I easily have 10,000 .txt files on my drive, which are by far the most common type of documents I keep. Is there a way that I can add to, or edit, the file types that CCleaner uses to determine their category? Perhaps a setting in the .ini file?
  2. Sorry about the typo. I couldn't change the title once it was sent. I ended up dropping back to v4.19, because I have low vision, and could not see the scroll bars in the new version well enough to use it easily. I'd still like to know if there is a way to customize what the disk analyzer puts into each category. I'm sure they'll correct the accessibilty issues with the interface eventually, and I'll be wanting to upgrade again. Even if we can't modify what the program sees as videos, music, compressed, etc, they should at least add .3gp to the video category and .uc2 to the archive category.
  3. I'm using v5.01.5075 64-bit under Windows 7. I don't know whether to classify this as a bug or an oversight. When I use the new Disk Analyzer feature and select "Everything", it is failing to place many files into their proper categories in the results. For example, I have about 12 gigs of old 3GP files on my drive, which are videos, but they are not recognized as "Video". They show up as "Other Files" instead. I have several thousand UC2 archive files, which are compressed with the old UltraCompressor by AIN. These should be showing up as "Compressed", but are not. Is there somewhere, perhaps in the .ini file, where I can modify what CCleaner recognizes as the different file type categories? I'd like to add a handful of currently unrecognized extensions to make the analysis meaningful. Also, I have low vision, and am having trouble seeing the nearly invisible scrollbars in the new interface. Light gray on white with no borders is rough for people with bad eyes!
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