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  1. I've been helping my sister recover some data from a failing hard drive. While recuva has been amazing at returning the files, there are a couple of things that would help tremendously with the recovery and would be extremely easy to implement. A setting to NOT scan for deleted files! I am not concerned about deleted files, but the scan for them takes a lot of extra time and more importantly causes more reads on a drive that is hanging on by a thread. Scan specific folders instead of entire drives (using the filter line only filters the results). In this case all the files I want to recover are in the user folder, I don't need the program to scan other huge folders like "program files" or "windows". Again, this takes extra time and could cause the drive to fail sooner than it otherwise would. At the end of the recovery, make the failed recovery list one that lines can be copied from or make a log file of the files that failed - INCLUDING the path! a nice bonus would be the ability to retry the recovery of the failed files, or even have a setting that was like "try recovering the file x more times". Obviously the chance of recovery at this point is low, but sometimes a file can be important enough that it's worth trying. Thanks for the amazing software and for generously offering it for free, I plan to either pay for a copy or make a donation, you guys definately deserve it! Dan
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