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  1. I'm curious when it will happen, because even in the newest 5.07 version it's still not updated/fixed.
  2. Still not fixed in the latest version (v5.06) !! *sigh*
  3. In version 5.05, CCleaner still does not clean Avira's log files. Could someone please look into this? PS: The problem comes from the recent folder changes by Avira. Every folder is now called Antivirus instead of Antivir Desktop. At "Utilities" (see picture) is where Avira always was located, but now is gone since the recent folder changes by Avira.
  4. Hi, I noticed that Avira (Anti-Virus) isn't on the applications list anymore. CCleaner always removed the log files from Avira and possibly other junk, but that isn't the case anymore. Cheers, TDF PS: I'm using CCleaner free version 5.03.5128 (64-bit) W7 (64-bit) And Avira Free version With Update 9, I noticed the following changes: C:\ProgramData\Avira > Antivir Desktop folder, now: Antivirus C:\Program Files (x86)\Avira > Antivir Desktop folder, now: Antivirus C:\User XXX\AppData\Roaming\Avira > Antivir Desktop folder, now: Antivirus I think the problem comes from the new folder changes by Avira.
  5. I also got a SideBySide: Event ID 80 error with version 5.01. In the meantime I've reverted back to the previous version 5.00 or 4.19 (your choice) to be error free. I hope this error will be fixed in the next version of CCleaner.
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