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  1. Latest version of CCleaner ("5.41.6446 (64-bit)") initially seemed to not create the deprecated cookie, but now I have noticed that it still does, sometimes. I have not been able to determine what causes it to be created and what causes it to be not created to be deleted. This morning I have run CCleaner 3 times and it created it each time, but it did not create it at all yesterday, no matter how many times I ran CCleaner. I also noted that even though I have the cookie file open in NotePad, CCleaner is able to delete it. Usually when a file is open in another program, it is locked and cannot be deleted by another program.
  2. It might be interesting to note that the cookie does not exist until CCleaner runs to delete it. Go to the INetCookies directory (see above) and it will not be there, then click the "Run Cleaner" button in CCleaner and you will see the cookie appear, then get deleted. CCleaner seems to be creating it so that it can delete it! If you double click on the cookie just after it gets created, but before CCleaner can get it deleted you will see the content as described in some postings above.
  3. I also registered just to comment about the new visual aspect of CCleaner 5.0x. Please, please, PLEASE!!! bring back a visible "Sizing border" to your program. I can put up with the stark white and clunky style (it stinks, but is mostly useable), but I use the sizing border visually to indicate to me which window has the "focus" so I know where keystrokes are going to go. On my system the sizing border is just outside of the CCleaner window and can be used to resize the window, but it is totally transparent and so does not change color to indicate that the window has the focus, and neither does the title bar. (I alter my Windows parameters to have the active window have a red border and I get rid of the translucent candy-sweet aspect of the Desktop and program windows that has been the default since "Vista"... mine looks much like Windows 98SE and I like it that way... battleship gray, square borders and fully functional visuals and a minimum of silly distractions and wasted space!) I also find that with just two "tabs" in a window, it is hard to know which tab is the active one. This is similar to my smartaleckphone, TV setup screen and my car DashCam, when they have a "Yes"/"No" type of response option to something; I can't tell which is the "selected" one... one is dark and the other is light, but which is going to be selected when I hit "Enter"? On the TV it is the Light one, on the Smartaleckphone it is the Dark one... I think, I haven't setup the DashCam often enough to remember which way it is. And as an aside... I apologize for lying to you when I created this account. I have not read the "Terms and Conditions" (yet), even though I put a check mark in the little box that says I did... but that is because your website would not let me off the "Account Creation" page to view the "Terms and Conditions". I had to check the box and then click to create the account FIRST, then I came here to read this thread and post my comment and PLEA. I will go try to find the "Terms and Conditions" to read them now and I hope I have not violated them at this point.
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