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  1. Since I've started using 5.64.7613, I've noticed strange information accumulating in the ccleaner.ini file. It's appears to be something that's being added related to the new Health Check function. I'm see this LCD=ioPmvO1PWq9nTa7SOykTToUVVs3Feta5dLxR6kyX9rq3Laxjthad4c6alPyq4D6wzpneMvY/ qgqPJKRoAcUfgYQZjAH8UI3oNYy3rtbA6Ucp2lXLQjLBajJHiM+2aT1oAs6xe1SrpeE4xjTd 16msX1nqqhn2en8FNU/GRXoqudnGOb76UxrmlurEnnrBIvagGzyaImDtqU5KVmOKNtkkJEYS iL9DU8hCU6pY7sqHx/8PqtWbxfSxbJjSSLda6/0J1UWCmM6ztFsJey6BdmZGf74k8sXUZco8 ofWmEVMT97sN9yFUu1n4HxrHUB/ddXijbLxmm9TGnemSDp2iZA9D2lq/NWPWom5rtbF9b1up xQq+y
  2. Tried again and it installed without error. Close issue.
  3. When trying to run the file ccsetup556.exe to install the newly released CCleaner V5.56, I'm getting a Firewall Alert about an invalid digital signature (see attached). Is this a correct situation or indicating a corrupted/malware file?
  4. CCleaner now creatse a cookie ipm-provider.ff.avast.com that keeps track of the fact the the advertising popup has been displayed. You need to go into CCleaner Options and then Cookies. Move that cookie, which should be shown in the 'Cookies on Computer' list to the 'Cookies to Keep' list. That way it won't be deleted every time you run CCleaner and lose the fact that the advertisement has already been displayed. Of course, make sure your browser is not automatically deleting cookies when you close the browser.
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