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  1. It most certainly does install unwanted items, in fact you have to tell it NOT to do so, IF you make sure you download what it calls the 'slim' version. Also, contrary to it's claims, removes your favorites. Every time someone criticizes CCleaner on these blogs, someone comes and beats them up instead of helping them. "it's your system", "you are stupid", "prove it to me". That I have noticed. The same way the moderator here bullied you. Google the thousands of complaints on the Internet about CCleaner problems.
  2. 1-CCleaner removed all my Favorites. I could find nothing in the Simple Free Version that shows anything about Favorites, neither to remove nor not remove them. I have Windows 7, IE 11. 2-Around the Internet as I googled for this issue, I saw many people getting 'beaten up' for even suggesting CCleaner does that yet many saying it happened to them. They are coming for help and getting bullied. 3-In Cookies, I put to the right side of the column which cookies/passwords I wanted saved ie: Banking/PayPal/etc for my passwords. It removed them all and ignored that I said save them. L
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