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  1. Hi @nukecad, Thank you for the response. It sheds some light on this mystery. Here is another interesting tidbit. There have been many times in the past when I notice CCleaner did not perform the automatic clean, which caused me to go over to the System Tray and select the 'up-arrow' to 'Show Hidden Icons'. Here is the weird part: Left click on the up-arrow, to show the icons, and the CCleaner icon is there. Move the mouse pointer up to the CCleaner icon and it disappears. At that point, if I am concerned about cleaning, I will manually select CCleaner from the 'Start' menu. But t
  2. Yes, "continue running background apps when Microsoft Edge is closed" is turned off. I went through the forum looking for posts in this area that could identify what is wrong. And settings are in agreement with those recommended. This behavior is also present when there are multiple applications running on the desktop, (e.g., word or excel) and Edge, AND when there is only Edge running with a single tab. I should also add that this behavior has been present for quite a while, not just recently. Here I am talking a year or more. There are times when CCleaner runs perfectly, and
  3. Hello, Running Windows 10 Pro v20H2 - updates current with CCleaner v5.75.8238. Under CCleaner - Smart Cleaning - Enable Smart Cleaning (selected) - Enable Automatic Browser Cleaning (selected) - Edge Chromium - Automatically clean on closing with notification (selected). Actually all browsers are selected under Enable Automatic Browser Cleaning. Edge is the only Browser installed on the system. When I close Edge, I do not ALWAYS get the notification pop up window that CCleaner has cleaned Edge. Wait a minute or so, manually start CCleaner, run analyze, and sure enough, there is
  4. Logged on to report a different issue and saw this post. Ran Malwarebytes against CCleaner app (v5.50.6911) - no issues found. Same with Windows Defender. Would like to know results with different security products?
  5. When I run CCLeaner manually in 'Cleaner' mode and select 'Analyze' I never get Microsoft Edge statistics. I do get IE, Windows temp files, Applications files, etc., but never Edge. Under 'Windows' all items under Microsoft Edge are selected as well as all items under Internet Explorer. All other selections are at the CCleaner recommended settings. I run CCleaner manually from time to time to get a feel for the amount of 'junk' or 'trash' files building or being generated on my Windows 10 Pro workstation. The workstation is up to date with all patches as well as CCleaner (v5.44.6577). Wh
  6. I have CCleaner Pro v5.31.6105 installed on Windows 10 Creator update. The Windows update also include significant changes to Edge. For CCleaner under Options I have Enable Browser Monitoring checked. For both Edge and IE I have Automatically clean on closing with notification selected. Under Cleaner; everything is checked under Edge and IE; nothing is checked under Windows Explorer, under System; Empty Recycle Bin, Temporary Files, Clipboard, Memory Dumps, Chkdsk File Fragments are checked, under Advanced nothing is checked. I noticed that prior to the Windows Creator update and under th
  7. Thank you for the reply. And yes all the items you mentioned have been ticked. There is no AV software installed. This is a basic grounds up upgrade of a fresh install of Vista Ult to Win 7 Ult. Then Windows patches to Win 7. No additional or third party software installed with the exception of Defraggler. My other Win 7 system (albeit it is 32 bit and Home version) has AV and numerous other SW products installed and Defraggler runs as expected. I have not tried Safe Mode.
  8. I upgraded my system from Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (64 bit). The Windows Vista was a fresh re-load of the original SW that came with the system. Drive was reformatted prior to installation. The system is configured with a 256GB HD and 8GB RAM. After the initial Win 7 Ult upgrade all important Windows patches were installed through Windows Update. Most optional patches were also selected with the exception of the language paks. Defraggler was then installed and the C: drive analyzed and as you might guess with over 100s of Windows patches the drive showed over 57% fragme
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