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  1. Mta, thanks for the suggestions . . . I have now done both and will see if that helps this coming week when I plan to run Defraggler again.
  2. I am having trouble with Defraggler just running and running. I use several maintenance programs each week, with some of them doing defragging . . . none take near as long as Defraggler. With the release of 2.20.989 I was hopeful that it would be quicker . . . unfortunately, apparently not. Recently, I ran it starting with 723 Total Fragments . . . after 4 hours it still had 536, with the remaining time showing >1 day. (I do surf the web while it is running but do not download anything else during this time.) Why does it take so long? How can I speed it up?
  3. Hi AA, Thanks for responding . . . yeah, I kinda figured that retrieval of the Tools > System Restore listing entries was a longshot . . . but I thought that I would ask. Also, as I understand from another post in this Forum that the restore points listed in CCleaner's Tools option only provide an option to singularly delete them, something that Windows does not, and do not provide an actual path to restoration.* My main concern is learning which check box is responsible for deleting the System Restore entries provided in the Tools option so that I can uncheck it. * http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=42397&hl=%2Bsystem+%2Brestore&do=findComment&comment=256447
  4. I have been a satisfied user of CCleaner for several years. However, today, before running this app, I looked at several tab options . . . in one of them, Tools/System Restore, it showed many entries . . . however, after running the Cleaner and the Registry Cleaner, all of the entries were gone. What box do I uncheck so that entries under System Restore are not deleted? Also, any suggestions as to how I can get the deleted ones back at this point?
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