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  1. @Stephen Piriform When merging posts, maybe make sure the essentials are in there? My message was not about the title of this thread, but the thread I made myself. Obviously the title was different and so were the problem. However, the solution is good enough for me, or maybe the download page was just fix3d... Cheers
  2. ??? The forum is called CCleaner Suggestions. I would call that Feedback... I use 3 screens, and I always have a lot of windows open (Win7). Besides being ugly, the Win8 look, makes it hard to distinguish from picture rather than a window. The main reason I uninstalled Win8 BTW... I can understand that this is no problem for ppl who don`t multitask, but we all have different preferences, so why not try to please us all?? Anyway, hope you fix this so I can use the new updates, Until then,,, Cheers P.S There is also the health risk: http://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/blue-light-has-a-dark-side
  3. Just want to join the club. Horrible GUI! Nobody read about how people hated when MS removed Glass in Windows 8? Please! At least give an option to use the old skin.. Until then, I`ll use the old version.. I just want to add WHY this GUI is so bad: When you have many open windows on a multiscreen setup, it`s impossible to see if it is a picture on a page or a window. It`s really messy! Cheers
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