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  1. Sorry for late response. Thanks for your input dvdbane
  2. ok i will let him know about that. So in the next update for CCleaner will all the previous entries for Avast 6,7,8,9 will be removed and will only include avast 10 aka Avast 2015?
  3. @mod and @dev: Please see this post from the beginning and provide a fix asap. Much appreciated. Also one of the user at avast forum he has the Avast 2015 Free edition and also has CCleaner installed. Strange thing on his CCleaner is that even though Avast is installed CCleaner is detecting avast versions 6,7,8, and *more. He has given me permission to use his attachment and post it as part of my post. Please see his attachment below. *Must be avast 10.
  4. @dvdbane I have Avast 2015 aka version 10. I don't see 3 entries at all only 2 entries avast 6 and 8 in CCleaner. Can I give a PM to a CCleaner staff member here so he/she can deal with this. I don't like to take risks deleting 6 and 8 even though avast 2015 is installed.
  5. YES when avast is not installed, avast previous versions DO NOT SHOW UP. If Avast is installed in the computer and you run CCleaner the two items of Avast shows up. About superseded with a new one, I reformatted my hard disk just to make sure. I then uninstalled Norton (pre-installed), ran it's uninstaller utility, and installed Avast and rebooted my laptop. Installed and ran CCleaner and BINGO the two items of Avast 6 and 8 shows up in CCleaner even though that was the first time I installed Avast. Also at that time I also installed Macromedia Shockwave Player and BINGO the two ver
  6. Thanks for your mail dvdbane. We including myself at Avast forum are running the latest version of Avast 2015 and as far as I know during the past years and hearing about this bug when users tick the two items of avast when avast gets installed and they delete those two items from CCleaner their avast program can cause issues/problems and we have to tell them to run avast uninstall utility and re-install avast. Why does CCleaner detect Avast 6 and 8 when it's program is 2015 aka version 10? If avast isn't installed in the computer CCleaner doesn't detect it. Just to be on the safe side we
  7. Hello folks! This is my first visit here and my first post . I want to report a very old bug that hasn't been fixed for a very long time. Well that certain bug that exits in CCleaner is that it shows two version of avast and Macromedia Shockwave player. I also have an account for Avast Forum and a user reported this "Ok I know I should be hit on the head for this for not asking it earlier but Im seeing two avast! antivirus 6, and 8 under utilities in the applications menu of cleaner from the program CCleaner(free version). Not sure how I have two, Same thing with macromedia 10 and 11 (not
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