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  1. Andavari, thanks for the reply, but I know that already. The entire point of my post is to find out if there's a way to detect if the EXE is running, with a recreation of a full configuration of CCleaner for the variant (not just CustomLocationX), or as a suggestion for a new feature, or a modification to the way CustomLocationX works.
  2. I have installed Waterfox. It picked up the Firefox profile location. CCleaner will still offer to clean the profile. Great. I can move those profiles if I wanted, and use CustomLocationX = FIREFOX|PROFILE_PATH, which applies the FIREFOX rules to this new path. Ok. But here is the problem. If I have Waterfox, or any of the common variants RUNNING IN MEMORY, it will happily muck around with files the browser may currently be using, WITHOUT NOTIFICATION! Further, I have no "quick/easy" way to configure CCleaner to look for and properly detect if the Firefox variant is running, a
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