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  1. You are competely wrong and obviously aren't a developer. As a matter of fact, the new GUI must be using extra coding and imposing an extra load onto the processor simply by the fact it doesn't use the operating system's built in user interface of buttons, dialog boxes, menu system, etc.
  2. I agree and that is what I will do, Like I've been doing with my operating system and most of my software. Don't be Microsoft and change things just for the sake change, lest you decay like Detroit did for producing bloated cars with no meaningful improvements.
  3. Please add my vote to give the option for users to use the interface they are most proficient in. User Interface is a matter of personal preference just like clothing, housing, food and the people we chose to associate with. It should NEVER be imposed on users. In case you did not notice, Microsoft is paying a high price for ignoring it. There is enough repression in society as it is, please don't contribute to it!
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