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  1. I sometimes fantasize about slapping interface designers. Like now. So sad. Only the command line has a worse interface than Metro. How do you think the discussion went in the board room? "Hey! Microsoft is taking a lot of flak over its interface changes." "I heard that only one user in three likes that design." "People are paying third parties to downgrade their computers to Windows 7 or switching to other platforms. Microsoft is forced to lay off thousands of staff, because they can't recover what they invested in interface design." "Wow! We need a piece of that!" Eventuall
  2. These Metro-esque interfaces are why ClassicShell, Windows7Start, etc. are the most popular software installed on the Windows 8 platforms. Skin replacers are more popular than Office at a 2 to 1 ratio! People pay money to avoid this type of interface!
  3. Has no one in Piriform's Sales Department noticed that the market is actively avoiding this type of interface? Look at Windows 8 or QuickBooks 2014 sales. Windows 7 sales are still strong; Windows 8 now comes with a downgrade license; Intuit is spending a fortune replacing the Metro-esque interface of QuickBooks. My users won't tolerate an interface that is unpleasant to look at. Thank goodness that FileHippo provides the option to download an older version. Marketing 101: appearance matters.
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