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  1. Finally, i found the solution. It was the K Lite Codec Pack. I dont know why but I just uninstalled it and now CCleaner is working normally. Thanks for your support.
  2. Ccleaner running in safe mode does not display the error message
  3. Hello. Yes, I sent the report. No answer I use Windows 7 Ultimate SP1. AVG Internet Security 2015 Problems started with the "v4.19.4867" version (or "v4.18.4844" I´m not sure), and with the latest version, "v5.00.5050" it keeps happening Thank you
  4. Hello. I've been using Ccleaner for a long time and never had a problem until recently that it started giving an error, as you can see in the picture . I uninstalled it and reinstall and still not working. Hope someone can help. Thanks.
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