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  1. That's all well and good but we can no longer trust the installation of any new version of CCleaner. Once bitten, twice shy.
  2. Whatever is going on, I do not like having a pop-up message in my Notification Area telling me CCleaner is Celebrating billions of downloads! We who have trusted both free and pay-for versions of CCleaner are terribly dissapointed that two versions have been released with included malware and that CCleaner has extra stuff added to our system. This was such a trusted program for so many years. Selling Piriform to another company, I believe it's Avast is perhaps good for the old Corporation but the new one is ruining the worlds best system optimizer with so many usefull tools! I feel sad!, dammit!
  3. CCleaner 5's GUI is just so ugly plus that fact that I install CCleaner on many computers every month during remote help, I just had to uninstall the newest version and reinstall an older version that works beautifully on Windows 7 64 bit. CCleaner 3.27 build 1900
  4. Had to become a member to say that the GUI is UGLY! Please add an option for a skin so we can have the more tangible look we have seen for so many years. Windows 7 is not going any where for a very long time, ask corporations and the general masses who listen to their PC Gurus. CCleaner looks awful on Windows 7. Please give us an option to make it nice again.
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