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  1. Thanks for responding dave, the second option you offered email pirofom support WORKED and I got the name I used....Thanks again I appreciate it
  2. I bought new computer and have to reload Ccleaner, I put reg number in and it asks for my name at time of purchase, Ive tried every name ive ever remembered using and none work. It keeps telling me its in my purchase confirmation but I cant find it and when I read through help it says its in the original email, ive registered this last sept and I lost all that info when windows was reloaded. It says contact us in support then theres no apparent way to contact them....its totally frustrating and it just might keep me from re registering, we shouldnt have to go through this song and dance to re register a program youve paid for. If anyone can point me in a direction so that I can find the name I used, id appreciate it
  3. Ive ran defraggler 3 times and each time its taken 7 hours. Ive run them a day apart its not like weeks where my drive would be fragmented badly. I only have approx 931gb total and im only using 162gb. So Its not defragging a huge amount. Is it operator error ? or is it normal for defraggler to take so long. I also noticed like on other defrag software it doesnt have an optimize option. Thanks for any help
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