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  1. Guys, please, can someone explain me when I do the cleaning, everytime my IE11 passwords are being deleted? What else do I have to uncheck in order to avoid this annoying behavior? Thank you in advance!
  2. Um!... I don't think it's either of those. I have the suspicion it's either something here: or even here: But still not 100% sure. I really need to find it because it's extremely frustrating -creating the passwords all over again. This time I kept checked only the default Internet Explorer settings (did the cleaning) except "saved passwords" of course and I didn't lose them.
  3. I will right now, thanks for the advice. I'll report back. Although unckecking "cookies" worries me a little which is one of the most important points of such programs, but anyway.
  4. I truly hope they'll fix the border buttons to normal Windows size. This is ugly, otherwise, the new UI is fine. Win 8.1 and now the perfect Win 10, so the UI fits except the border buttons/size.
  5. Please, can you tell me what is this that when I perform cleaning, always the saved passwords of Internet Explorer dissapear? I'm not sure what I have to uncheck in order to avoid this. Of course I unckeck the "Saved Passwords" but still happens. Also, I'm not sure if this cause of the CCleaner untouched or with the custom list ( for more cleaning ) included. Thank you in advance!
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