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  1. more on topic, I hate the new GUI and request a revert. If I had actually paid money for ccleaner I would be demanding a refund at this point.
  2. go away troll. you keep posting the same bulls**t oh every thread that hates the new GUI and it looks like you just joined to just do that.
  3. Please give us an option to revert the GUI to v4. just add it to settings and let us know. ps: the metro UI look that you guys are using here looks like crap regardless of which version of windows you are using.
  4. I just updated to version 5.0 and I really hate the new GUI. On windows 7 it looks like [Moderator Edit] and on windows 8 it looks even worse. we really need an option to go back to the v4 GUI. just add it to settings.
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