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  1. I also created an account only for the purpose of mentioning how much I dislike this new theme. On the hand it looks clean. But, for the most part it's difficult to look at. I have the same problem with Office 2013. Office 2007 and 2010 are MUCH easier on the eyes. The entire point of using a 2d GUI with animated buttons and shadows was to make it easier on the eyes. Now we're back to flat interfaces like the programs that ran in DOS-Mode or on a 1984 MAC? Seriously? In Office 2013 it's even more difficult to view the interface because of the many menu features and text. I get a headache after a few minutes (luckily I only paid $13 for Pro through my company discount). Same thing with this nonsense you've decided to use in CCleaner 5.0. The white background is also horrible to look at (same with Office 2013). I am also one of those people who refuses to use Windows 8 due to the flat GUI (and other annoyances). Ok, so less intense graphics makes a program run faster - duh! MS only uses this as a gimmick because they couldn't increase the performance of Windows 8 without giving something up. So they decided to "lessen" the visual quality of the GUI. It's all nice and fine on a tablet perhaps. But, on a regular computer? C'mon! Even the cheapest laptop runs Windows 7 very nicely with Aero and all. All in all you guys are only jumping on the Microsoft Theme bandwagon because it seems to be the "in" thing to do at the moment. Same thing with other software companies. When Microsoft released Office 2007 a lot of people were copying that visual style as well. I for one like the ribbon feature, but it's the colors and the visual esthetics that make it wonderful to look at and navigate. Something MS got right for a change. The blue shade is very easy on the eyes. Therefore I didn't mind others mimicking the theme. Flat is crap and outdated. It's 2014 people. Use the power of a modern computer to your advantage and create a GUI that is pleasing to the eye. Move forwards not backwards. The apps on my Nexus 5 Android phone look better. Oh, and BTW. I am typing this on a computer that I am setting up for a friend: Dell Dimension 4700, 3.2ghz P4, 4GB RAM, 256MB video card, 160GB SATA HD. Runs very fast with Windows 7. He can probably use this computer for another 3 - 5 years even though it was purchased in 2004!!! I like your product. It works extremely well. I also purchased a Pro license a few weeks ago. I won't stop using it;. But, I respectfully ask that you revert back to the previous visual style.
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