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  1. Having had serious issues with THAT previous build (that cost me more than a couple of maintenance contract paying clients by the way, thank you very much) I've just looked into this myself. So why is there now a new Startup item added that wasn't notified ANYWHERE during the Free installation? You don't even have any warnings posted anywhere. Should we be now alerting everyone Piriform is back to dicking the End Users around, AGAIN? Especially as I'm now having to go back to what's left of my customer base that still uses Piriform products and flag this to them. And how about an actual Manager or Director of Piriform stand up and join in to this conversation - I'd like to get an official statement from him on it.
  2. Oh, God no - in all honesty that new skin looks and feels utter rubbish. Piriform, please don't follow the herd mentality and actively promote the tasteless and useless stupidity that Microsoft has demonstrated with the Win 8 user interface. CCleaner isn't an operating system, it's an extremely useful stand-alone application. Why on earth would you want to make it look like a user interface that has been bagged since Microsoft released that cosmetic disaster?
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