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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I did try check and uncheck everything in the setting window of ccleaner and this didn't help on this issue. The advanced window of ccleaner I keep everything in default mode. Thanks Jim L.
  2. I found a problem after updating CCleaner version 1.33.382 it corrupted NSW 2006 protected recycle bin. I tried uninstalling CCleaner and this didn't fix the problem. I then tried uninstalling NSW 2006 and reinstalling it, but this didn't fix the problem. I then reformated my computer and then reinstalled everything except CCleaner. Now everything works correct, but after installing CCleaner the Norton Protected Recycled Bin is grayed out again. I contacted Norton and they couldn't fix the problem. I haven't had any problems with CCleaner until after this last update v1.33.382 Thanks Jim L. Windows XP Pro full version fully updated NTFS Emachine C6207 NIS 2006 NSW 2006
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