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  1. A tiny bug, but a very odd one. In the latest CCleaner for macOS (v. 1.18.30), it identifies the OS version as 10.16. But I'm running Big Sur, version 11.0.1. How could it get this wrong? Not a big deal, and no response expected, but maybe someone at Piriform will notice it.
  2. And it's now July 21, with no response and no fix from Piriform. If this is the level of support one can expect, why would anyone pay for the "pro" version of the software?
  3. And of course, disabling cookie cleaning in Safari, if you use Safari, kind of defeats one of the main reasons for using CCleaner in the first place.
  4. That worked for me. Actually, I turned off almost all of those background apps, since they're things I don't use, anyway. After a reboot, CCleaner no longer skips the MS Edge items.
  5. I'm no fan of the PlaySkool Tile World look, but forget the aesthetics for the moment. The fact is that with the new GUI, it's very hard to tell what you're looking at. Things are pale, and tend to vanish. It's difficult to determine where the focus is - focus on the tabs, for example, seems to be the reverse of what the colors would indicate. In short, the new GUI is less usable. I'm not going to threaten to take my marbles and go home - CCleaner is still a tool that every user should have. But this redesign was misguided, and unnecessary. A step down.
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